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PFM Logistics

PFM Logistics provide industry leading personalised and specialised transport and warehousing solutions including any sensitive freight needs.

We believe that our national transport service network is the way forward. Our owned and operated branches offer experience, innovative thinking and commitment to customer service, professionalism, quality, focus and safety.

We understand that sensitive freight means different things to different people and personalise our support accordingly. We understand the dynamic needs of your business and strive to consistently deliver a platform of sensitive freight logistics solutions that meet your unique circumstances. In meeting such specialised needs, we ensure that goods are unpacked and delivered to footprint, with installation assistance provided where required.

Our stringent protocols ensure your sensitive freight is safe, secure and protected when it’s under our care.

PFM Logistics provides complete end-to-end results including transport, on site installation, project management and warehousing services to all industries. These industries include catering equipment, medical equipment, telecommunications, vending machines, printer, copier and office equipment, information technology and artwork relocation.  If your items are sensitive we have a solution to move it.

We have a strong commitment to customer services, quality, safety and the environment. This is evident in our personalised, professional and detailed logistics solutions, please see our customer testimonials and Case Studies.