Track Shipment
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Using our strategic alliances we leverage established procurement channels and logistics strategies to provide maximum benefit to our clients.

Under the 3PL model we can purchase, collect, store, deliver and place or install all forms of FF&E ensuring that goods arrive on site as they are required. Our flexibility allows you to decide which parts of the model best suit your project and we can then tailor a solution specific to your requirements.

We currently provide a range of Third Party Logistics (3PL) services to a number of our clients nationwide, including acting as the FF&E coordinator for the fit out of the new Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne.

3PL advantages

The advantages of the 3PL model are that goods only arrive on site when they are required and therefore you do not need to find suitable secure storage for them. This also minimises the risk of damage, loss or misappropriation of your new FF&E.