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Strategists work with you collaboratively at every stage of relocation and deliver effective planning with a high level of staff morale.


High-level expertise and planning capability comes from vast experience with relocating companies in industries as varied as retail, hospitality, education, warehouse, finance, medical, technology and government.

Our capabilities stem from Atlantis MoveSmart being trusted to perform some of the largest commercial relocations ever seen in this country.

From strategic analysis through to evaluation and handover, it’s experience that is the crucial element applied to all five stages of your relocation. In recent years we’ve expanded our support for businesses, to include services required long before and after the actual relocation.

All the services Atlantis MoveSmart offers are geared towards helping organisations facilitate change and relocation has always been our core business. We understand no two relocations are the same, yet whatever the reason for your move, we are the first choice for expert help in;

  • Expansion, contraction, restructure,
  • Divestment
  • Lease expiry
  • Refurbishment, enhancements
  • A change in the nature of your business

Ask us how we make it a seamless and stress-free process that saves you both time and money.


As we’ve said, Atlantis MoveSmart is an expert in building relocation strategies that are efficient and effective. Working with us to help us understand the scope of your business structure is easier that you might think. From there we determine an effective planning method that factors in strategies to ensure a high level of staff morale. It’s our job to initiate involvement between all entities during the entire relocation process.

Experience tells us that strategic plans sometimes need adjusting during a relocation operation. Therefore our project managers will ensure both the logistical and the human elements are managed together. We reassure and assist your staff to the cultural and environmental changes with information in the form of documentation and electronic staff communications.

For your relocation to be efficient we look to initiate rapid involvement within your organisation. We offer a pathway to a collaborative partnership whereby our experience and methodology can be quickly infused into your business. Effective collaboration has become part of what sets Atlantis MoveSmart apart.

Our partnership philosophy extends to other support services we offer around the relocation process. Today Atlantis MoveSmart has a focus on fulfilling all your objectives connected with change in your organisation. When you desire change, we have the ability to make it happen.