Track Shipment
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Atlantis MoveSmart access new and efficient file and audit management methods for your workplace. By understanding your requirements and the way your people use and store documentation we tailor the perfect solution for your business. We consider not just physical quantities but also your requirements for access, storage and the relevant legislative requirements.

The Atlantis MoveSmart approach provides an efficient and cost effective solution that minimises the need to utilise expensive real estate for storage purposes. Using a series of detailed reports and site assessments, Atlantis MoveSmart delivers new and efficient document management methods to your workplace.

File and Audit Management

Effective Audit Management

In addition to providing improved productivity, relocation efficiencies and culling processes, our goal is to achieve audit capability during all stages of your relocation. Innovative thought processes drive solutions that will flow through directly to your bottom line.

Companies rely on Atlantis MoveSmart expertise and experience to manage the culling processes. If required, we can provide secure on-site destruction services – maintaining audit trails and accountability.